DIY Instructions

Do you love IRL streaming? Do you want to know how would Twitch Plays Pokemon look like in real life? Have you ever wondered how does it feel to go on with your own life having the power of a thousand people watching your back, suggesting your actions, controlling your moves? We decided to enable people like you with the superpowers of BeeMe.

If you want to be part of our community or simply BeeMe for one night, here are the things you should do:

  • Contact us. Shoot us an email ([email protected]) with your intentions and a description of the event you would like to run. We will set the event for you on the Twitch BeeMe account.  

  • Gear up. You will need a phone, a friend and a harness:

    • Install Twitch on your phone and log in with the credentials we will share with you.

    • Get a harness to have your hands free when you stream (you will get a lot of commands requiring you to do stuff)

    • Get a friend that can operate the BeeMe platform. They will (1) give you commands that the crowd selects, (2) marking the commands as done (3) flagging inappropriate commands.

  • Share the event. Share the event with your friends and family so to have a friendly community watching your back.

  • Go Live. When you are ready to stream, press the Go Live button and your stream will start. Wait for commands and Good Luck!