Very Simple Rules

Ground rules

  1. SAFETY: Nobody's safety can be put in danger. This rule applies to everyone, including the Agent, camera crew members, bystanders, people not involved in the game, etc.
  2. RESPECT: You must respect everyone. This includes people, and their property including and not limited to buildings and animals, etc.
  3. PRIVACY: Accessing anyone's private information in any way is forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  4. LAWFULNESS: Respect the law when playing the game. Any criminal activity is forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Game rules

  1. Suggest: Suggest commands that you think will help the Agent achieve its goals.
  2. Vote: Up/Down vote others' commands.
  3. Move On: Move on in the story and complete the mission. Time is against you.


  • Cooperation relies on trust. Trust is difficult to build and easy to lose. You can trust the Agent will execute your commands, only if the Agent trusts you. You must earn the Agent's trust by following the ground rules and game rules to ensure commands will be carried out.
  • Be creative.
  • Be clear and simple. Don't assume the agents understand what you are referring to.
  • Think ahead. A time lag might be present between the agent's actions and the video feed.
  • Be nice and demand others to be nice. Bad behavior will NOT be tolerated.